Digimon Dounjinshi Scans


Okay!  Let's have one more set of warnings, shall we?  These scans contain yaoi and/or shonen ai, that means pretty anime boys love each other and want to snog!  If you're not into m/m, then what in heaven's name are you doing here?  Shoo shoo!

Still here?  Gooood!  ^_^ 

Also, I don't own Digimon, and I don't own all the lovely art presented on this page.  Creative rights go to the wonderful talented artists and manga-ka, and I have tried to give proper credit where I could, but since I don't read much Japanese, that wasn't always possible.  Just know that I mean no disrespect to these talented people.  In fact, it is because I am so impressed by their abilities and skill that I wish to share these doujinshi with others.


Some important terms to know:

Hard Yaoi - this means that there is sex and it's pretty graphic

Soft Yaoi - there's kissing and fondling, and possibly hints of snogging.

Shonen-ai - hand holding and maybe blushing, but no foolin' around.

Full Scan - this means I scanned the entire doujinshi from cover to cover, leaving out only blank pages or pages with only Japanese text.

Story Scan - the doujinshi has more than one story, but I only scanned one.

Selected Pictures - I only nabbed some pictures because the rest of the story was boring, or there were only a few worth getting.


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Degeneration Taito - Soft Yaoi - Story Scan
Yuuzou Satake (1999) Taichi helps Yamato masturbate, beautiful artwork and very sweet story!  This one is highly recommended!


Digimon Adventure 02 Yamachi - Soft Yaoi - Selected Pictures
Unknown (2000) Very cute art and sweet Yamachi kiss


Digicube Yamachi - Soft Yaoi - Story Scan
Sakami Shinora (2000) Yamato wakes Taichi up in the middle of the night.  Very sexy Yamato!


Hoshizora Touring Express Taito - Soft Yaoi - Story Scan
PikaPika (2000) Well drawn story and adorable extra pictures!  Not quite sure what they're doing in the story, but Taichi obviously likes it....


Nakimusi Banbi Yamachi - Hard Yaoi - Full Scan
Dizzy and Milhy (2000) Some of this artwork is very cute, but unfortunately some falls short.  It's still worth reading.


Sakura no Toki Taito - Shonen-ai - Selected pictures
Unknown (2000) After Boku no Wargame, Taichi and Yamato meet for lunch.  Adorable artwork!


Soratobu Uraraka Saida Taito - Soft Yaoi - Full Scan
PikaPika (2000) Probably some of the best Tai and Yama doujin art out there, this one is highly recommended!  Sweet story with good visuals


Super Hit Taito - Shonen-ai - Story Scan
Majin Doumei & Mad Paradox (1999) Cute funny short story in which Taichi yells Yamato's name in his sleep. 


Toshishita no Otokonoko Taito - Hard Yaoi - Full Scan
Atsuatsu Cook/Atsuko Katagiri with Mako Takahashi This one defies description!  "Adventure" age Taichi pounces on "Zero Two" age Yamato!  Visually funny and excellent artwork.


Typhoon Generation Taito - Soft Yaoi - Story Scan
Unknown (2001) Very sweet "Make it better with a kiss" story.  Artwork is different, but appealing.



Don't Kiss Me Tai/Yama/Kou - General - Selected Pictures
Chie Kura Sana / Yorico (2000) Probably not the correct title.  Just a cute little half-size doujin that had some nifty pictures of the boys.


Holy Garden General humorous - Story Scans
Seimu (1999) A couple visually funny little "Adventure" stories.


Roaming Sheeps Taishirou - Shonen Ai - Story Scan
Inutama-Honpo (2000) Sweet pictures and cross-dressing Koushirou!


Shapes of Love Taisuke - HARD YAOI - Full Scan
el cuervo Pin (2001) This one gets extra warnings:  The sex is very graphic!


Sweet Sweet Taishirou - Soft Yaoi - Selected Pictures
Vivid Blue (2001) Some nice pictures and one kiss.

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